Retrofrolic provides educational activities, including demonstrations, workshops, conferences, and meetings, for individuals in alternative lifestyles and relationships.
Retrofrolic provides skills and technique workshops and mentorship to like-minded individuals.  

Retrofrolic teaches the practice of consensual sexual activities in adult personal relationships and promotes safe sex practices.

Retrofrolic is based in Ventura, California.
Our geographically diverse staff enjoys sharing our passion with the Central Coast of California as a mobile source of education and development for the kink community.

Contact us at info@retrofrolic.com

Lascivious is the founder and creator of Retrofrolic
Lascivious is the founder and creator of Retrofrolic

Retrofrolic was conceived in the winter of 2009-10. After dutifully reading everything possible, Lascivious got deeply involved on eplaya, and wanting to participate and contribute in the worst way, it was decided to have a theme camp. Lascivious read all the instructions and followed all the deadlines and requirements, then managed to get Retrofrolic placed without ever actually seeing a theme camp,,, let alone attend Burning Man. It is possible Retrofrolic is the only camp ever to accomplish a registered, placed theme camp during virgin year.

Bind_ and Happy_Kitty threw in with us. Tighty from Amsterdam and Freddy Funk from Vancouver, BC rounded out our charter membership of 6. Pink, Rudra and a handfull of Canadians spent most of their burn with us and we ended the event with eleven members.

Retrofrolic was first of all kinky. We had a double St. Andrews Cross and a massage table. Second of all, fun games that perverted children’s game a generation ago. Dunkin’ for Dildo! Clothes Pin Chaos! Third, we offered foot washing and massage with the options of using a vibrator while getting one’s feet serviced or enjoying the attention of your significant other while receiving foot service. Last, but certainly not least, in honor of “Metropolis” that year, we had Superman with a strap on, which offered 140 proof absinthe to the sucker of his phallus.

2011 was “Rights of Passage” and this is when Batman and The Thing/Santa Clause came into the picture. The threesome made for an awesome way to travel the Right of Passage to become a Certified Cocksucker. The pony, horizontal cross, spanking benches and more massage tables made for quite the popular dungeon. Rudra brought on a full service bar that made for a very active and enjoyable event. Retrofrolic was 23 campers strong as we arrived on the playa. We ended the week with thirty-five campers.

2012 through 2014 has seen Retrofrolic refine and elevate on the foundations laid previously. We have grown to a camp member population of 45 – 50. Weve added solar and wind power. The evaporation pond is more efficient every year thanks to Bind. Showers, kitchen and shade have developed into gigantic, but manageable proportions. Ultimately, we are a kinky home on the playa for everyone to enjoy.


Retrofrolic is our collective gift to Black Rock City. For the camp members who dwell there, it is their home. Just like the home you make for yourself in everyday life, Retrofrolic is YOUR home to make what you will for a week. The infrastructure is delivered to the playa,,, WE work together to build ourselves a home. A place we can be proud of and want to share with others. A place of hospitality, openness, generosity and gratefulness..

Retrofrolic is not on the playa to entertain you. Retrofrolic is not built to entertain anyone. Retrofrolic exists at its core as a facility for people to participate, interact, learn, share, grow and survive together. Retrofrolic is a place to push boundaries, explore that which invites investigation, expand horizons. Just the exercise of persuading a self-described heterosexual male to suck a cock, no matter how real, in front of friends and strangers is a character-building experience not quickly forgotten.

While massaging someone’s feet while they pleasure themselves with a vibrator to orgasm,,, that is an intimate sharing without all the societal hoop-jumping of “getting acquainted”. Introducing someone to flogging, humiliation, binding, sensual activities,,, opportunites flourish throughout the week!

But it only happens if YOU participate. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard toward the end ot the event, “WOW! I just realized I could have been doing this all week!” And so it goes,,,